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Qtopia provides multi-platform mobile application environment

Trolltech, a producer of multi-platform development frameworks, has introduced Qtopia, a Linux-based application environment that aims to bring the power of desktop computing to mobile embedded devices.

Trolltech, which is headquartered in Oslo, is the creator of Qt, the application framework that lets developers create cross platform, single-source applications that run natively. Qtopia is being used to power the Sharp Zaurus SL-5500 PDA, with additional design wins bringing products to market in 2002.

Qtopia will enables manufacturers to build intuitive, and resource-efficient personal digital assistants (PDAs), Smart phones, Internet appliances, and any other mobile device that runs embedded Linux. Developers only have to write applications once, eliminating time-consuming porting tasks.

Corporate IT departments get a handheld platform they can use to extend the functionality of applications to a mobile workforce, while end-users get applications built expressly for a powerful embedded operating system suited to a mobile, wireless world.

Qtopia includes a set of applications for productivity, information management, Internet content, entertainment, and synchronization across multiple desktop operating systems. These include an address book, calendar, to do list, text editor, MPEG and MP3players, international city clock, asteroids game, Mine Hunt, and Go.

A typical Qtopia implementation requires only 6 to 8MB of ROM-including the Linux kernel. Trolltech provides customers access to source code. Device manufacturers receive the full code-base for Qtopia and Qt/Embedded, allowing them to make modifications and changes to create unique functionality for each device.

Published in Embedded Systems (Europe) April 2002

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