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Quad-processor blade advances embedded processing architectures


The IPnexus CPC714 quad-processor resource blade is designed for demanding packet-based networking, telecommunications, network management, and data/process control applications. Performance Technologies' CPC714 is the latest addition to its Advanced Managed Platform offering.

With four independent 440GX PowerPC processors and an onboard switched architecture, the CPC714 increases compute power and application processing flexibility at a moderate cost. Each 800-MHz processor features 512 Mbytes memory, L1/L2 cache, and dual Gigabit interfaces with built-in TCP/IP acceleration. The 6U CompactPCI 2.16 blade also offers CompactFlash and hard disk options for local program access and data storage.

The networked, multi-processor architecture of the CPC714 can be applied as a parallel processing compute blade, as a cluster of compute elements integrated on a single blade, or as an array of processors across multiple blades in a system. Because of the switched architecture, it’s highly scalable and easily deployed within demanding IP telephony and wireless applications. The IPnexus CPC714 is available immediately for less than $4500 in OEM quantities. More information is available at www.pt.com.

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