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Quality-monitoring software welcomes third-party packages


Santa Clara, Calif.— SigmaSure 5.0, a manufacturing quality and life-cycle manager from SigmaQuest, Inc., is newly crafted around a service-oriented architecture, making it easier than ever for users and OEMs to integrate it with third-party software products. Other enhancements include industry-specific modules and enhancements to automatically track quality and reliability problems early as well as throughout the manufacturing process.

The upgrade from an object- to a service-oriented architecture loosens the coupling among interacting software agents and provides for role-based access control. The former allows for interaction with other applications while the latter lets you modify the program to distinguish between access by third-party programs to all data or to merely data subsets.

Of the two new modules, one is a defective material report that uses a Web-based subsystem to track defective or out-of-spec components. The other module tracks device genealogy, capturing and reporting the hierarchy of a component during test and manufacture, thus providing root-cause and failure analysis.

In addition, SigmaSure 5.0 performs what-if, statistical process control, and yield analyses. It also features an enhanced user interface that adds push-button reporting, allows alert systems to be added to the dashboard, and performs advanced selection and search functions.

SigmaSure 5.0 is available now, with prices starting at $6,250 per month. It is also offered free of charge as an upgrade to existing customers who qualify for maintenance support.

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