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Quantum computing benefits from grant


LONDON — The University of Bradford’s Professor Apostol Vourdas has been awarded an £62,000 grant to coordinate a network in quantum computing. The grant, provided by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), will help 84 researchers in 17 UK universities and two industries (Hitachi and Hewlett-Packard) to work together.

Professor Vourdas says the aim of the network is to promote collaboration and advance this “exciting, timely and interdisciplinary” area of academic research. Quantum computing is a novel method of computation based on the laws of quantum mechanics  in other words, the laws of nature at ultra-small scales.

Professor Vourdas, said,: “From a computer science point of view the challenge is to create novel computational algorithms based on quantum logic. This is fundamentally different from the classical logic used in today’s computers. Related to quantum computing are the areas of quantum cryptography and quantum communications.

“From a hardware point of view the challenge is to create quantum gates. They are much smaller than today’s electronic devices and they operate with very few electrons and very few photons. They are a part of the more general area of Nanotechnology which is expected to have important implications in the future.”

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