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Quantum sensor chip used in remote control touch wheel


LONDON — Quantum Research Group is to supply Remote Solutions of Korea with touch wheel and touch key chips for its RH60 LCD remote control.

The touch wheel is driven by Quantum’s (Southampton, England) QT511 device and a QT1080 provides six function keys and a wake-up on proximity function that enables the remote control to come to life and light up as the hand of the user approaches it.

The RH60 is an infrared universal remote control for up to 15 devices. The i-Pod style wheel makes it easy to navigate and a 3.9inch color LCD display provides an icon-based user interface that’s very similar to those found on mobile phones.

The QT511 QWheel chip is targeted primarily at portable applications with low power consumption, enhanced operation under difficult sensing conditions and the facility to place a mechanical button in the centre of the scroll wheel without experiencing false detects on operation.

QWheel touch wheel technology can be thought of as a capacitive potentiometer, where the wiper is a finger. The electrode consists of a simple resistive ring element placed behind a plastic panel; three capacitive QT sensing channels are connected to this ring, and the signals processed to 7-bits ofabsolute position.

The result is output on an SPI serial interface. The device can be set to sense through panels up to 3mm thick, and even through gloves.

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