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QuickLogic addresses military handsets with QL1P1000

The latest member of QuickLogic's PolarPro family, the QL1P1000, is available in a mil-spec full temperature rating from -55 to +125 degrees Celsius. PolarPro, claimed by QuickLogic to be the industry's lowest power configurable technology, is available in sizes of up to 1 million gates.

The features specifically important to designers of military handsets include:

  • Typical static power consumption is less than 200 microAmps
  • Very low power (VLP) mode reduces quiescent power to less than 30 microAmps while retaining IO states and register values
  • Dynamic clock disable to disconnect clock trees at clock pad level
  • CSSP platform
  • Bulletproof IP security–impractical to reverse engineer or clone
  • non-volatile technology. Device powers up at known state

QuickLogic's ViaLink technology used in the QL1P1000 offers significant benefits for battery-powered, mission critical applications. The QL1P1000 is immune from Single Event Upsets (SEUs). This device also addresses the shock and vibration requirements of military designs by using special packaging to reduce their sensitivity to mechanical stresses.

The PolarPro QL1P1000 device with military temperature range is sampling now. For pricing information and volume ordering, vist: Quicklogic.

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