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QuickLogic adds Quest IP to portfolio


Netherlands — Quest Innovations has supplied a number of intellectual property (IP) modules to QuickLogic. The IP has been optimized for use in QuickLogic's high-speed, low power programmable logic and which include disk storage and graphics controller technology.

The modules enable delivery of turnkey system solutions for a number of video over IP applications and add to the Quick IP library that includes communication, DSP, microprocessor cores, networking, PCI, and voice processing cores.

Richard Meester, president and CEO of Quest Innovations, said, “We are excited about our partnership with QuickLogic which will deliver additional modules for this application area, including other key I/O interfaces and video compression/decompression to allow us jointly to deliver even more value for customers wishing to participate in this segment.”

The initial focus will be in the integration of Quest's IP modules into the QuickMIPS family of programmable SoCs to deliver system solutions for a range of emerging market segments, including video and data streaming inside the enterprise and for in-car infotainment systems.

The standard I/O interfaces included on the QuickMIPS device allow it to receive and transmit media on a wired or wireless network. The combination of the programmable logic and the on-chip 32-bit CPU core efficiently processes, stores, and displays the video, data or voice information.

Ian Ferguson, vice president and general manager of the QuickMIPS division, said, “The use of a QuickMIPS device combined with Quest's IP provides the time-to-market solution needed by designers of the next generation of video-enabled appliances and allows the platform to efficiently accommodate emerging technologies and services. Designers can implement system functions such as digital content management between the CPU core and the programmable fabric to improve system performance and ensure content providers' IP is protected.”

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