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QuickLogic announces TAG-N Wearable Sensor Hub Evaluation Kit


QuickLogic Corporation has announced the the TAG-N Wearable Sensor Hub evaluation kit. The kit incorporates the QuickLogic ArcticLink 3 S2 ultra-low power programmable sensor hub, QuickLogic-developed algorithms, and a direct connection to a Nordic Semiconductor nRF51 DK, Nordic’s all-in-one, multiprotocol development kit for ultra-low power wireless development on the nRF51822 SoC. The Nordic nRF51 DK enables OEMs to test, evaluate and develop Bluetooth Smart (formerly known as Bluetooth low energy) enabled wearable devices.

QuickLogic’s ArcticLink 3 S2 CSSP programmable sensor hub solution consumes only 150 microWatts of power, and supports always-on, always-aware applications in wearable devices. Nordic’s ultra-low power nRF51822 Bluetooth Smart enables a wearable-to-host device for wireless communications. When combined with QuickLogic’s pedometer, gesture, and context algorithms, the TAG-N development kits help OEMs significantly accelerate product development cycles.


  • Supports always-on sensor capability with built-in pedometer, gesture and context algorithms
  • Delivers complete, small form factor solution suitable for development and testing of wearable devices
  • Enables Bluetooth Smart wireless connectivity

The TAG-N Wearable Sensor Hub evaluation kit, part number QL-TAG-N-S2, is available today and priced at $249.

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