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QuickLogic’s PolarPro 3 field programmable platform


The PolarPro 3 solution platform family from QuickLogic Corporation is architected to meet the power, space, and functionality requirements of next-generation mobile device OEMs. PolarPro 3 delivers small, efficient, flexible, low-power and cost-effective logic solutions to mobile OEMs that want to add custom functionality to their mobile designs. The family features the most efficient logic utilization per square millimeter of PCB area of any solution on the market. This feature allows developers to integrate more functionality without increasing the size of their devices.

The PolarPro 3 solution platform is optimized along three fundamental dimensions – power, size and cost. The family is supplemented by proven system block IP that can be assembled in various combinations to meet OEM requirements. The architecture is reprogrammable; enabling OEMs to adapt the functionality of the platform after it has been assembled onto their PCB – delivering complete flexibility during the entire product development cycle.

The reprogrammable PolarPro 3 family features 50 microAmps of standby current, up to 1019 logic cells, 64 kilobits of user-programmable SRAM, embedded FIFO controllers, a 30-ball 2.09 mm x 2.54 mm, 0.4 mm ball pitch WLCSP package and a 64-ball 3.5 mm x 3.5 mm, 0.4 mm ball pitch VFBGA package.

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