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Racal Instruments morphs in to EADS

LONDON — Racal Instruments Group, which was bought by EADS in 2004, has been rebranded as EADS Test & Services.

EADS Test & Services has facilities in Stevenage and Wimborne and employs more than 1,000 people worldwide with revenues in excess of 205 million Euros providing 18 percent of the world market in test systems for aerospace and defence product.

Dr Stefan Zoller, CEO of EADS Defence & Security Systems, said, “We have listened carefully to the requirements of the U.K. government and its focus in the DIS [the MOD’s Defence Industrial Strategy white paper] on through life support. The re-launch of Racal Instruments Group as EADS Test & Services is a clear response to that challenge. More than any other nation, the U.K. is leading the world in this sector and not only are we demonstrating our commitment to the MOD but we are also positioning ourselves long-term for future domestic and international opportunities in the military and civil markets.”

The company has been a supplier of test solutions to the U.K. and international defence and aerospace markets for over 40 years. It supplied the automatic test systems for the upgrades of the Stingray torpedo as part of a life extension programme and a recent award for the Assessment Phase contract of the British Army’s general purpose mobile support systems, known as the Digital Diagnosis and Repair facility (DDR). In recent months the company has also delivered hand-held test systems to the U.S. DoD for trial and evaluation, as well as licenses for its ‘NewWave’ software for development programmes into the DoD future test platform project.

Doug McGinn, CEO of EADS Test & Services U.K. added, “The acquisition by EADS has presented us with a great opportunity to widen our product portfolio and capability in delivering products and services not only in the U.K. but to the international markets served by EADS. We are further enhancing our operations and have opened facilities in the Middle East and India in the past year to bring us closer to our international customers and gain a better understanding of their needs.”

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