Radiall distributing TECHWAY’s optical FMC boards up to 24 links @ 12 Gbps

Radiall is now distributing WildcatFMC boards from TECHWAY. In order to improve signal-processing performance, FPGA became a key component during the last few years. Embedded on complex but well-defined motherboard architecture, FPGA is the Swiss army knife for processing many different signals in video systems, radars or mission computers. The new paradigm for modern FPGA is extreme high-speed I/O, which requires optical links.

WildcatFMC enhances the modularity of the FPGA board equipped with mezzanine VITA 57 site by providing a plug-in and turn-key multichannel optical interface. This advantage allows the FPGA board to achieve high-speed I/O for applications requesting massive data-transfer without requiring an expensive redesign. The core of the WildcatFMC board is made of Radiall 10+ G range D-Lightsys® optical transceivers, running up to 12 Gbps. The ultra-compact package of these components fits the FMC standard form factor, even for boards handling 24 optical channels.

WildcatFMC is designed to meet the military and aerospace environmental constraints and is qualified to meet or exceed the MIL standard specifications.

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