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Radiation specialist expands

LONDON — Southern Scientific, the Worthing-based supplier of radiation measurement equipment has expanded to meet the demands of a continued expansion programme in both its medical and scientific divisions.

Yvonne Turner has joined the company to co-ordinate all promotional activities including exhibition planning and general public relations matters, while Clare Kavalieris, takes up a position as the company’s new clinical assistant.

Kavalieris speciality is in nuclear medicine and she will provide an enhanced level of support to users, resolving queries and providing assistance in the use of the company’s medical product range.

Austen Short has Joined the company’s sales department to take the role of anchor man for all the scientific products supplied by the company. Short has an MSc in radiation physics and will increase the level of sales support for both manufactured and distributed products.

“These appointments are an important element of our plans for continued growth. We have established ourselves as a leading U.K. supplier in the fields of radiation measurement, medical imaging and general scientific instrumentation and our plan now is to push on from here and we have set aggressive new growth targets. These appointments are essential for us to handle this growth while continuing to improve the level of service we offer our customers,” said Ken Frost, the chairman of Southern Scientific.

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