Radiometrix SFX2 radio transceiver module has long range for industrial apps -

Radiometrix SFX2 radio transceiver module has long range for industrial apps

The new SFX2 radio Transceiver module from Radiometrix Ltd. is targeted for industrial applications requiring long range and high-reliability. The SFX2 shares the footprint and pinout of the popular TR2M series of transceivers, while offering improved switching times together with half watt of RF power output. The standard SFX2 operates on the 500mW 458.5-459.5MHz license-free Industrial/ Commercial Telemetry band in the UK and Ireland, but many other frequency options are available to order.

This new module features an exceptional RX-to-TX switching time (5ms), has a receive sensitivity of better than -118dBm and complies with the ETSI Category 1 (high reliability) receiver performance specifications. The feature rich interface offers RSSI and both logic level and audio baseband inputs and outputs, including a squelch/mute for audio link applications.

The compact SFX2 (59 x 36 x 15 mm), is available in versions operating on either a regulated +5v or a 6-12v unregulated supply. It is fully re-programmable via an RS232 compatible serial input, with up to 256 channels (of which 8 can be selected by a 3 bit parallel interface). In operation the SFX2 draws 35mA in receive and under 400mA in transmit.

The standard 25kHz channel version is available in two bandwidth / data rate versions: the standard 5kbps type, and a wider bandwidth SFX2-458-G variant, to be used with an external 9600 baud GMSK (or 4FSK) modem. A 12.5kHz channel version can be supplied.

The SFX2 is ideally suited to industrial applications such as machine control, robotic/ mechatronic telecommand tasks, tracking, and fast, long range data modem applications. The module conforms to ETSI EN 300 220-2 Category 1 (radio) and EN 301 489-3 (EMC) standards. It can be evaluated easily using the Narrow Band Evaluation Kit.

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