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Radstone development brings acquisitions in to focus

LONDON — Following a spate of acquisitions Radstone Technology has consolidated its core businesses with the set up of Radstone Embedded Computing. The division encompasses ICS, which develops and markets sensor processing solutions; Octec, an image processing solutions supplier; and Radstone Digital Processing which develops processor, graphics, networking and systems solutions.

Peter Cavill, president of Radstone Embedded Computing, said, “This is a logical progression in our development as a company for a number of reasons, First, our acquisitions have been deliberately planned to add value to our existing core competencies, bringing their strengths to the benefit of the company as a whole, and we are now leveraging the Radstone brand to complete the integration process.  Second, the new name more accurately defines and describes the business that we’re in.   And third, it enables us to make a clear distinction between the Radstone Technology corporate entity on the one hand, and its principle business on the other.  The change provides us with a solid base from which to move forward.”

“This past year has been an enormously exciting one for us:  we announced nine new products; we entered into strategic relationships with five key players in the industry; we acquired Octec, which will bring important new capabilities and broaden our product offering; we opened a brand new headquarters building; and, most recently, we announced the creation of the Radstone Technology Center in Billerica, Massachusetts, added Cavill.

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