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Raima extends RDM Embedded 12 support for real-time platforms


Raima has released RDM Embedded 12.0, offering support for VxWorks 6.9, QNX Neutrino 6.5 and Greenhills INTEGRITY 11.0 real-time operating systems, as well as Windows CE and Linux ARM.

Providing support for both 32-bit and 64-bit in-memory real-time operating systems, RDM Embedded 12 is a database management system that offers the highest performance and stability even on resource-constrained systems when compared with conventional database solutions. Support for symmetric multiprocessing enables developers to take full advantage of the latest multi-processor hardware for improved live real-time processing.

RDM Embedded 12 offers a range of features that optimize standalone operation on resource-limited systems, such as the way the runtime library allocates the memory required for cache and other necessary storage. The memory that the database is allowed to use can be either limited or pre-allocated, increasing stability. This is facilitated through a function that specifies a limit, and an optional pointer to pre-allocated memory.

Where security is a critical issue, encryption of database files using the Rijndael/AES algorithm for encryption and decryption is now available. The algorithm supports the use of 128-, 192- or 256-bit keys.

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