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Raima’s RDM Embedded10 db is optimized for multicore

Seattle, Wash. – Raima Inc. has released a new version of its embedded database RDM Embedded 10 (RDMe 10.0). This release includes a significant re-architecture of the database engine to take advantage of multicore processors, which significantly boosts RDM Embedded’s performance. The new version, based on the RDMe core, offers greater high-availability, scalability, performance, dataflow and interoperability with third party enterprise databases. RDM Embedded10 is compatible with past database formats and API functionality.

New features include MVCC (Multi Version Concurrency Control), master-slave mirroring, hot online backup, asynchronous master-slave replication, asynchronous data replication with 3rd party databases, conflict-free master-master mirroring, distributed data queries, and two-phase commit.

Extension packages are available for the RDMe Core that provide additional solution-specific functionality to the core database engine:

RDM Embedded High Availability (RDMe HA) adds greater high-availability functionality to the RDM Core Engine. The RDMe HA solution provides additional reliability to the time tested and dependable RDM database engine. We have added components in this HA solution that will help embedded system developers achieve the highest availability while maintaining high-performance, real-time, small footprint embedded database solution.

RDM Embedded dataFlow (RDMe dataFlow) adds data flow functionality to the RDM Core Engine. In this RDMe dataFlow extension we have included components that enable embedded system developers to develop sophisticated applications capable of moving information collected on the smallest devices up to the largest enterprise systems.

RDM Embedded Distributed (RDMe Distributed) is an extension for distributed data functionality to the RDM core database engine. In this RDMe Distributed solution we have included components that enable embedded application developers to create applications with the ability to access data distributed across multiple embedded systems mounted on a back plane or across geographical continents.

RDM Embedded 10 is currently available for AIX, FreeBSD, HP-UX, Linux, Mac OS X, Solaris and Windows. For more information on RDM Embedded 10 and to download the free SDK visit www.raima.com

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