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Rapita rolls RVS on-target timing verification and code coverage tools


The Rapita Verification Suite (RVS) from Rapita Systems is a new on-target timing verification, optimization, and code coverage toolset. RVS combines on-target timing verification and optimization with structural code coverage measurement resources, providing engineers a streamlined approach to meeting the challenges of verifying critical real-time embedded systems. The tool suite is specifically designed to verify software for the aerospace and automotive electronics sectors, and will aid qualification for the DO-178B and ISO 26262 standards.


  • reduces the effort for on-target coverage and timing measurement
  • reduces effort in other activities such as optimizing software
  • meets the needs of aerospace and automotive environments

The cornerstones of RVS are Rapitime and RapiCover . RapiTime is an automated on-target timing analysis tool which measures performance, determines worst-case execution time, and guides optimization efforts. RapiCover is an on-target code coverage measurement tool which supports system and integration testing processes, and provides an adaptable approach to on-target code coverage measurement.

RVS is offered in two variants for the aerospace and automotive electronics industries: Aero and Auto. Both provide target support for typical processors, toolchains, and real-time operating systems in these safety-critical sectors, and multiple approaches to verification.

Product Development Director Dr Antoine Colin says RVS addresses customer concerns about the price and effectiveness of timing verification and code coverage tools. “Our thinking was significantly affected by the need to cut testing effort while maintaining or even increasing levels of confidence in the results, avoiding the challenges faced by engineers when testing in the typical resource-constrained embedded environments, and helping clients to secure qualification for DO-178B and ISO 26262.”

Qualification kits for DO-178B and ISO 26262 will be available July 2011 on a tool-by-tool basis.

For more information visit www.rapitasystems.com, email , or call 01-904-567747 and ask for Andrew Coombes.

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