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Rational tool suite comes out top of user satisfaction survey

LONDON — IBM's Rational tool suite has taken first place in the Evans Data Corp. annual software development platform user satisfaction survey.

The tool suite was ranked higher than development tool offerings by Microsoft, Oracle, Sun, and four others in the 2009 survey conducted in Spring of this year.

In the worldwide survey of over 1200 developers, only users of each tool suite rated the corresponding products on eighteen different attributes including basic tools supplied, support for remote development, visual tools and declarative support, quality of tech support, documentation, application modeling tools, test tools, and support for parallel programming.

In addition the developers rated the importance of each attribute to provide relative weighting. IBM's Rational tool suite took top scores in multiple categories as well as in combined overall score for the third time in four years.

“IBM continues to refine their end to end software development platform with the focus being that software delivery is a core business process that must be continuously made more effective,” said John Andrews, president and CEO of Evans Data Corp. “The robust development environment and the rich assortment of tools that are provided sets a standard of excellence in development tools as evidenced by its users overall satisfaction.”

The survey presents both the category rankings for each suite of tools but also the relative rankings of each within attribute categories to form a profile. The full report can be downloaded on the Evans Data Corp. website.

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