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Raytheon, ITT collaborate to offer affordable wideband radios


Two military communication vendors, Raytheon and ITT, have collaborated on a pair of software communication systems, the MicroLight-3G and the Single Channel Ground and Airborne Radio Advanced Improvement Program-Enhanced (SINCGARS ASIP-E). The products share common modules, waveform capabilities, and operating environments.

Raytheon's MicroLight-3G is a wearable, software-defined radio that will improve military communication by linking individual war fighters to a tactical Internet. ITT brings its Joint Tactical Radio System (JTRS) Soldier Radio Waveform (SRW) to MicroLight-3G. The SRW upgrade complements the wearable radio's already available Enhanced Position Locating and Reporting System (EPLRS) waveform. This combination lets soldiers send and receive secure communication, information, and intelligence from all locations. MicroLight-3G is a derivative of the 2G model, now fielded as part of the Army's LandWarrior program.

The SINCGARS ASIP-E adds a “side hat,” a small UHF expansion module, to the current SINCGARS ASIP configuration. This module also contains the SRW and EPLRS waveforms so that the resulting SINCGARS ASIP-E offers very high frequency voice and UHF data communication channels for vehicular and man-pack operations. Hence, soldiers can conduct voice and data communications simultaneously. Pre-production units will be available later this year.More information is available at www.raytheon.com or www.itt.com.

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