Readers' Choice Award Winner: Wind River's VxWorks 6.0 -

Readers’ Choice Award Winner: Wind River’s VxWorks 6.0


The latest generation of Wind River Systems' real-time operating system, VxWorks 6.0, touts enhancements such as a suite of memory protection features and a scalable message passing architecture. These new features reflect Wind River's most recent pronouncements regarding openness, flexibility, and high-performance in real-time operating systems.

New features in VxWorks 6.0 include: MMU-based Memory protection with memory error detection and reporting mechanisms; a standard process-based programming model, an extensible application program interface (API); non-VxWorks application support; a scalable message passing architecture; and a dual mode IPv6/IPv4 network stack. Vxworks is integrated with with Wind Power IDE 2.

VxWorks 6.0 will be the foundation for Wind River's next-generation, VxWorks-based Platforms. As part of Wind River's annual subscription based enterprise-licensing model, customers will continue to receive additional Wind River technology. In addition to VxWorks 6.0, Wind River will be delivering the new Eclipse-based Wind Power IDE 2, which supports VxWorks 6.0 and Linux.

According to the company, developers can use VxWorks 6.0 before it is available to the general market. The early Release Program includes VxWorks 6.0 and a preview of Wind Power IDE 2 for VxWorks, which is based on the open Eclipse framework, as well as technical documentation, API reference documentation, demonstration source code and hands-on tutorials. With early access to Wind River technology, customers can drive early project design and alignment with their release schedule.

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