Readers' choice: The top 10 articles of 2018 -

Readers’ choice: The top 10 articles of 2018

As we typically do at year's end, we recall the most-read articles of the year. 2018's list reflects the industry's continued interest in security and growing fascination with artificial intelligence, but demonstrates how core topics such as RTOS features and embedded design lead the way. So here are the top 10 articles as determined by readership. If one of your favs is missing, tells us in the comments below.

Event flag groups: utility services and data structures
Colin continues his RTOS Revealed series with more on event flag groups and their use in an RTOS.

Flash 101: NAND flash vs NOR flash
Embedded system designers must take into account many considerations when selecting a Flash memory for their systems. This article series discusses these considerations, beginning in this article with the differences between NOR Flash and NAND Flash.

Applying machine learning in embedded systems
Machine learning has evolved to become a practical engineering method if approached with a suitable appreciation of its associated requirements and current limitations — and it's more accessible than you might think.

A peek inside amazon FreeRTOS
Amazon FreeRTOS simplifies cloud integration but the documentation doesn’t provide a clear picture on what is going on. In this post, we take a peek inside Amazon FreeRTOS to see what we can expect from this Amazon Web Services offering.

You think your software works? prove it!
Formal methods have been quietly moving from the research lab into mainstream software development, especially in high-assurance systems. Using these methods isn't an “all or nothing” choice: Developers can use them at various levels, introduce them incrementally into an existing project, and combine them with code written in languages such as C or C++.

The hacker’s nightmare cipher
Here's a devilish lightweight encryption method for “hex” coded programs that almost makes us feel sorry for the hacker.

A fresh look at embedding a web server
As an embedded engineer, chances are that you have already worked on an embedded web server and have an understanding of the HTTP protocol or even AJAX and REST protocols. Still, traditional methods for transferring data between the browser and device may not be the best option.

How embedded projects run into trouble: jack’s top ten – number ten
David Letterman had his top ten list that he ran through each night. I, too, have a top ten list, but it is a compendium of how embedded projects go wrong. I’ll tease you, gentle readers, by going through it one item per week.

Achieving memory safety without compromise
A new generation of safe programming languages is leaving garbage collectors and runtimes behind, delivering memory safety and control.

Machines can see, hear and analyze thanks to embedded neural networks
The emergence of specialized processors and software opens up the possibility of developing embedded systems that are AI capable and moving more of the power of AI from the cloud to edge.

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