Readers’ choice: The top 10 articles of 2020 -

Readers’ choice: The top 10 articles of 2020


We continue our annual look back at the year’s most-read articles. This year, top articles run the gamut from hacks and operating systems to coding methods, state machines, and more. Read on for the top 10 articles of 2020 as determined by readership. If one of your favorites is missing, please add your top article in the comments below!

Tesla Model X hacked with $195 Raspberry Pi based board

I’ve never been a fan of keyless entry systems in cars, especially since they appear to be highly vulnerable to being “bypassed”, as illustrated by a Tesla which was recently hacked.

Why a bare-metal developer moved to operating systems

I can still remember the excitement when my first bare-metal program ran successfully on a board. However, the more bare-metal programs I wrote, the more issues I met.

Structures and classes in C++

For developers transitioning from C to C++, the subtle differences between the languages represents a significant part of their learning curve. This article unpicks the details of some key language elements.

Interfacing with modern sensors: Interface design using C++

Over the last several articles, we have been exploring how developers can interface to sensors and develop reusable drivers. In this article, we are going to look at creating sensor interface from a more object-oriented standpoint using C++.

Programming embedded systems the easy way – with state machines

Many embedded systems are best represented by a finite state machine, but programming them manually can become an overwhelming task and produce results that are convoluted and hard to maintain. This article describes an easier approach using graphic design tools.

Implementing an MQTT client for reactive systems

This article explains how embedded systems perform as reactive systems; describes how to design a suitable software structure for them; and finally, how to use the MQTT-Reactive library to program reactive systems.

The rise of the remote contractor

Even before COVID-19, there has been a significant shift from on-site to remote contracting. By 2022, the majority of leading contract engineers will no longer be working on client sites on a regular basis.

Developing state machines with test-driven development

Since state machine models are widely used in embedded systems, this article explores several strategies to develop state machine software under the test-driven development (TDD) approach.

3 reasons to transition from C to C++

Developers face ever increasing complexity and need a programming language that allows them to be flexible and maximize reuse. With C approaching its 50th anniversary, it may be time to start transitioning from C to C++.

Why you should use standards-based development practices (even if you don’t have to)

Not everyone is obliged to follow the formal processes and methodologies that standards promote, but standards champion best practices that represent the most effective way of achieving high quality, reliable, and robust software.

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