Ready-to-run data recorder boards leverage Fibre Channel SAN -

Ready-to-run data recorder boards leverage Fibre Channel SAN


Instrumentation and data recorder maker VMETRO (Houston, Texas and Oslo, Norway) is dishing up what it bills as a next-generation family ofFibreChannel-based recorders.

The company's plug-and-play board-level MDR (Modular Data Recorders) recorders are pre-configured for VME-based systems, but what really makes them different is the fact that they use Fibre Channel SAN (storage area network) technology. The use of SAN technologies let arrays of these recorders be expanded if need be.

MDR is designed to enable the integration of realtime data recording into high-performance data acquisition systems, such as those found in surveillance, signal intelligence (SIGINT), telemetry, semiconductor test, and medical imaging.


VMETRO's combo of hardware and software also gives you ready-to-run data recorders. These are capable of recording multiple high-bandwidth streams of data, with an aggregate performance of 385-Mbytes/s.

As with all of the company's data recorders, MDR is compatible with its SAN Access Kit , as well as other existing VMETRO data recorder environments. The result is a realtime file system that ensures deterministic operation.

Leveraging VMETRO's PowerMIDAS 5000 I/O Controller, the MDR line-up is now optimized to provide ease of use with minimum integration effort. As such, it accepts either FPDP (Front Panel Data Port), or serial FPDP data streams.

The MDR also uses a Web-based GUI (graphical user interface) that lets you network and control multiple recorders, as well as manage storage from a central location. Also bundled is an application library for controlling an MDR from an embedded application.

Other features include disk grouping and intelligent disk management, clustering capability, and a recording API.

Want more details? Contact Ronnie Sanford at VMETRO, Inc., 1880 Dairy Ashford, Suite 400, Houston, Texas 77077. Phone: (281) 584 0728. Fax: (281) 584 9034. E-mail:, or

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