Real-Time Debugging with ROM Monitors -

Real-Time Debugging with ROM Monitors


This session will explain how to use a ROM monitor to debug embedded systems. Using an actual hardware prototype of a simple 68332-based embedded system, we will demonstrate the adantages and limitations of using ROM monitor technology. We will uncover embedded systems bugs in synchronous and asynchronous system events.
Using a debugging environment which involves embedding the tools into your target offers alternative solutions. As the processor manufacturers continue to design more features into the actual silicon, the use of embedded tools will continue to increase. Processors such as the 68332 which offer a background mode mean that the actual tools take up minimal target resources. The Intel 80386 even offers hardware breakpoint capabilities designed into the actual chip. In the meantime, application developers are looking to combinations of tools to satisfy their programming and debugging needs, especially on large projects where several ROM monitors are used for every emulator.

ESC_1991_Vol1_Page61_ Peter Dawson & Andy Lantz – Real-Time Debugging with ROM Monitors .pdf

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