Real-Time Linux: The view from Lanzhou, China -

Real-Time Linux: The view from Lanzhou, China


Collected here are a number of papers originally presented at the atthe Eighth Real-TimeLinux Workshop held at the at the School for Information Scienceand Engineering, Lanzhou University, in Lanzhou, China. They include:

A Hardware Architecture Independent Implementation of GDB Tracepointsfor Linux by Nicholas McGuire and Wang Baojun

A New Dynamic Frequency ScalingAlgorithm for Power-Aware andReal-Time Systems by Chen Tianzhou, Qian Jie, Shi Qingsong,andHuang Jiangwei

A Pre-built Real-Time SchedulingAlgorithm for Embedded Systems by Chen Tianzhou, Xie Bin,and HuWei

Dynamic Kernel Thread Schedulingfor Real-Time Linux by Dongwook Kang, Woojoong Lee, andChanikPark

Numerical Model Compiler – A Design forGenerating Real-TimeNumerical Simulation Code by Ivan Raikov and Robert Butera

Real-Time Management for P2P Resources onMobile Devices by XiaoyunChen, Lei Wang, Jingchun Zhang, Yu Zhou, Yong Tang, and Minghui Mo

RTL-IO An Extension of RTLinux I-Oby Lei Wang, Chen Yang, Xin Wang

Worst Case Behavior of CPU Caches byTobias John and Robert Baumgartl

Implementation of a Forest Fire MonitoringSystem Based on EmbeddedLinux by Yu-Rong Suna, Gui Zhanga, Ming Zhangb, Hui-HuaHuanga

A Linux-based System to Monitor Train Speedand Doors for aLight-Rail System by D. W. Carr, R. Ruelas, H.Salcedo-Becerra, and G. A. Ponce-Castaneda

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