Real-Time Messaging Middleware Integrated with Secure Linux -

Real-Time Messaging Middleware Integrated with Secure Linux

Sunnyvale, Ca. – Real-Time Innovations' RTI Data Distribution Service its real-time messaging middleware, has been integrated with Security-Enhanced Linux (SELinux).

According to Karl MacMillan, director of Core Technology at Tresys, this combination provides real-time and high-performance distributed applications with the ability to securely distribute data by combining RTI's high-performance network communications with the extremely flexible Mandatory Access Control (MAC) facilities of SELinux.

He said the peer-to-peer messaging architecture of RTI Data Distribution Service is particularly well-suited to take advantage of SELinux security type-enforcement capabilities.

“It allows distributed applications to securely exchange messages and data by authenticating peers and encrypting information that is sent over the network,” said MacMillan. “The MAC capabilities of SELinux add several additional levels of protection against mis-configuration, software errors and application vulnerabilities.”

This includes system-wide security policies which control which applications are allowed are to communicate with each other. Even applications with the appropriate credentials and keys can communicate only if explicitly provisioned to do so. Files containing keys, configuration information and logs are protected from unauthorized access.

The integration was developed in partnership with Tresys Technology, which contributes to, and hosts, the userspace repository for SELinux.

MacMillian said the use of RTI Data Distribution Service with SELinux allows high-performance distributed systems to meet stringent government and commercial security standards, including DCID 6/3 PL4, DoD 8500.2, NIST 800-53, PCI, SOX and HIPPA.

The SELinux security type enforcement introduces a small increase in latency of roughly two percent regardless of message size, he said.

RTI Data Distribution Service and a reference SELinux security policy are available today from RTI. To learn more, go to or

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