Real-time multicore/multimode design with Ada 2012 -

Real-time multicore/multimode design with Ada 2012


In “Towards an Integrated Framework for Multiprocessor, Multimoded Real-Time Applications,” Sergio Saez, Jorge Real and Alfons Crespo at the Polytechnic University of Valencia in Spain, propose an Ada-based approach to building real-time systems.

It makes use of a combination of requirements: specification and handling of operating modes and mode changes; implementation on top of a multiprocessor platform; integration of both aspects within a common framework; and connection with schedulability analysis procedures.

Their approach uses finite state machines to describe operating modes and transitions, and a framework of real-time utilities that implements the required behaviour in Ada 2012.

Because automatic code generation plays an important role, they describe a system is derived from the functional and timing specification, and implemented according to the abstractions provided by the framework. They use response time analysis enables to assess the schedulability of the different operating modes and the transitions between modes.

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