Real-time operating system supports Infineon's TriCore -

Real-time operating system supports Infineon’s TriCore


San Diego, Calif. — Enea Embedded Technology, formerly OSE Systems has launched OSE Epsilon real-time operating system and development tools for Infineon's TriCore processor. The OSE Epsilon kernel, together with the hybrid 16-/32-bit Infineon processor, are said to provide an ideal platform for running automotive and telematics applications that require small code size and fast real-time response.

Development support for OSE Epsilon includes Tasking's TriCore software development environment and Lauterbach's Trace32 debugger. Enea also offers a Soft Kernel simulator that lets designers develop and test their code on a PC without the need for the target hardware.

To further streamline application development, Enea offers an RTOS-aware system-level analysis and profiling tool known as OSE Illuminator, which enables programmers to monitor, control and collect data for applications viewed as a sequence of events (such as context switches and message passing between processes).

OSE Illuminator lets designers debug multiple TriCore nodes simultaneously, graphically view all processes and process information running on each node, set breakpoints on events, profile CPU performance, and monitor/fine tune memory usage.

The TriCore Unified Processor is a 32-bit, superscalar RISC architecture CPU that combines the capability of a 32-bit microcontroller and a 16-bit digital signal processor on a single core. Featuring a peak performance of 130 MIPS at 100 MHz and four-cycle context switching, TriCore maximizes data throughput by employing a Harvard architecture with three external 32-bit buses, one each for instruction, data, and peripheral access.

To maximize code density, TriCore also employs a combination of 16- and 32-bit instructions that enables it to achieve a 30 percent reduction in code size over CPUs that use only 32-bit instructions.

OSE Epsilon is real-time kernel optimized for resource-constrained applications. Occupying as little as 4 kbytes of memory, Epsilon features integrated error handling, a context switching speed of 300 nsec, fully pre-emptive, and a worst-case interrupt latency of 1 usec. OSE Epsilon features a complete networking solution networking support, including TCP/IP, a web server, an embedded file system, andInternet utilities. OSE Epsilon also supports dynamic download, which enhances flexibility by enabling new applications to be downloaded to systems as they operate in the field.

OSE Epsilon is available immediately for TriCore processors starting at $8000 for a single developer's seat.

Call: (858) 720-9511

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