Real-Time Recursive Design -

Real-Time Recursive Design


Over the last ten years, we have been developing and using a software development process known as Recursive Design. The process has been applied to a variety of real-time or embedded system problems, including manufacturing and process control applications,intelligent instruments and peripherals, and certain defence applications.
The process proceeds as follows:
1. Partition into domains.
2. Analyze the application domain.
3. Extract requirements for server domains.
4. Analyze other domains.
5. Specify the architectural domain.
6. Build mechanisms and templates.
7. Populate templates.
These steps carry out the traditional software activities of planning, system requirements
analysis, system design, detailed design and coding, albeit in a novel and – we assert more effective manner.
ESC_1992_Vol2_Page223_Mellor & Schlar – Real-Time Recursive Design.pdf

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