Realtek Semiconductor expands MIPS license portfolio -

Realtek Semiconductor expands MIPS license portfolio


IC design house, Realtek Semiconductor Corp., has extended it relationship with MIPS Technologies Inc. by licensing a broad range of MIPS32 processor cores for use in next-generation SoCs targeting broadband, networking, digital home and other multimedia applications.

The license agreement includes MIPS32 cores such as the 4KEc Pro core, the 24K Pro family, the multi-threaded 34K Pro family, the superscalar 74K family, the 1004K Coherent Processing System (CPS) family, the superscalar multicore 1074K CPS family and the MIPS SOC-it L2 Cache Controller.

Jessy Chen, Realtek’s executive vice president, said “For a wide range of next-generation solutions, we are working closely with MIPS to ensure seamless integration of software stacks including Android, Linux, Adobe Flash Player, codecs, web browsers and more. As Realtek continues to aggressively expand our presence in the networking and digital home markets, we are pleased to continue our successful relationship with MIPS Technologies.

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