Realtimewave to bring Aicas JamaicaVM to Korea -

Realtimewave to bring Aicas JamaicaVM to Korea

LONDON — Aicas GmbH (Karlsruhe, Germany), a supplier of Java technology for critical real-time applications, has signed an agreement which will see Realtimewave Co., Ltd. (Seoul, Korea), distribute andsupport its JamaicaVM and associated products in Korea.

Realtimewave is focused on providing services and integrated systems to embedded applications such as avionics, robotics, simulation, and control systems.

JamaicaVM is a Java Virtual Machine (JVM) that provides performance guarantees for all primitive Java operations and is guaranteed to recycle all garbage memory. This eliminates memory leaks and fragmentation, which are the cause of many serious bugs in embedded applications.

Realtimewave was founded in 2002 and has worked on a number of government and military projects. It also offers a complete range of software services for military/commercial training and simulation systems.

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