Rebooting the fridge -

Rebooting the fridge

When the icemaker stopped doing the one thing it was designed to do, the refrigerator repairman was called. After tinkering with the mechanism for some time to no avail, he called his boss for assistance, listened to the instructions offered, and reported back, “This model is all electronic. My boss said to turn the refrigerator off for ten minutes and turn it back on again.” Cycling the power was efficacious. Glad to know that when your fridge breaks down, all you have to do is reboot it.

Speaking of highly desirable technical skills, what does it take to create the best engineers? How important is a college degree? The need for a college education is the topic of this week's poll. Jack Ganssle says that some of the best firmware people he's worked with have degrees in English. Do you think a degree is necessary?

For those of you who think pervasive computing is getting hyped excessively, this week's rant is about “standardized control networking” to interconnect small embedded systems. The author says it isn't ready for prime time yet.

Remember the network computer or “NC?” That idea keeps rearing its head. Read what Bernie Cole says about web services-based computing in his seemingly endless search for just the right name for post PC networked computing.

When most people think about filters, they think about using them to remove some unwanted effect in a signal. There are more ways to use a filter than to just remove noise. Discover how to use filters to analyze unknown systems in real time.

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