Recession buster! -

Recession buster!


I just got back from European Microwave Week (EuMW) in Paris and have to share my enthusiasm. The last show of this kind I attended was two years ago in Amsterdam. Now, perhaps the location (oui, c’est magnifique!) influenced the turn-out, but the atmosphere at each of these events could not have been more different. Amsterdam was a respectable show, but Paris broke records.

The EuMW exhibition in Paris was huge, with more than 250 exhibitors.  Impressive, even expansive booth configurations from Rohde & Schwarz, Agilent, AWR and Anritsu, covered the show floor, and what was even better is that you had a hard time to get a full view of each as the engineers, designers, industry professionals, etc. packed the aisles (record attendance reported at 4,621). The first two days of the show were hectic – full of hustle and bustle – and even the last day was busy.

Outside of the show floor activity, there were many, great technical sessions being offered, too. Surprisingly, I managed to convince a busy co-worker to attend one with me, Nonlinear Vector Network Analyzer User's Forum  This 90-minute session was invigorating, as it was alive with real exchanges of thought-provoking content and ideas.  The informal discussion group of competitors not only openly shared information on instrumentation used in vector large-signal network analysis of microwave circuits and systems, containing nonlinear element but agreed to seek, to some extent, a standard for sharing this nonlinear data.  The final call to action was a request for new/additional committee chairs to lead this effort, so I’m making this plea to all gurus in the field of NVNA measurements: reach out to organizers Jean-Pierre Teyssier and Dominique Schreurs if you are interested.

Not to be overlooked, there were also a handful of vendor sponsored presentations and workshops (similar in concept to the MicroApps at IMS) hosted during the week throughout the venue as well. 

Synergistic with the NVNA user forum, Rohde & Schwarz, AWR and NMDG presented a tutorial:  “Fast Nonlinear Device Characterization and PA Designs Using VNAs. ”  The standing-room-only crowd stayed for 90-minutes plus to learn more about this emerging field of “nonlinear behavior models.”    The handful I managed to find time to sit through were all well attended and with interactive Q&A too. 

Even in the evening hours, sessions were still taking place.  On Monday evening,  I attended TriQuint’s New TQP15 Process rollout presentation while also enjoying a glass of wine. 
Along with the commercial world activities, EuMW organized a student design competition, running live during the conference week. AWR added to the excitement by awarding software to the organizers, University of Lille, of this fun and practical event!

With all this activity and opportunities to learn and interact with others in the industry, there was no time for a break…  To which I say, recession?   What recession?  If this show is a barometer for our RF & microwave industry and economy, then EuMW was a recession buster for sure, and I look forward to the year ahead!

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