Recursion's C++ Toolkits now support Solaris 10 OS -

Recursion’s C++ Toolkits now support Solaris 10 OS


Dallas, Tex.— Recursion Software Inc. has added Sun Microsystems Inc.'s Solaris 10 to its list of operating systems (OS) that its C++ Toolkits support.

Users of the Solaris 10 OS can now more easily develop multi-threaded distributed applications without having to do low-level coding.

“Our C++ Toolkits are used by thousands of companies worldwide and we are committed to adding support for the operating systems, hardware platforms and compilers our customers need,” said Paul A. Lipari, president and chief executive of Recursion, (Dallas, Tex.). “Customers can save up to 30% in development costs using the C++ Toolkits.”Recursion also offers free trial evaluations and customer service, he added.

The company's C++ Toolkits also support Linux, AIX, Tru64, HP-UX, IRIX, Red Hat Linux, Mac/OS, VxWorks, Windows, PocketPC, Suse/Linux and Solaris.

With Recursion's C++ Toolkits, engineers can use Recursion's STL or any ANSI/ISO compliant STL. Recursion's C++ class libraries include time, treading, steaming, pipe and network.

Pricing and availability weren't immediately available.

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