Reduced cost and complexity VoIP comes from strategic partnership -

Reduced cost and complexity VoIP comes from strategic partnership


Voice gateway functionality is being added to Nortel's broadband access products that provide compatibility with the company's Voice over IP (VoIP) solution. This comes thanks to a partnership with Calix and Keymile. The new functionality helps service providers simplify and reduce the cost of their next-generation networks by providing compact-line gateways that convert voice traffic from a circuit-based orientation to a packet-based implementation.

The Calix C7 multiservice access platform, aimed at the North American (ANSI) market, as well as the Keymile UMUX multi-service access platform, intended for ETSI market deployments, have achieved H.248-based VoIP interworking with Nortel's Communication Server (CS) 2000. Successful integration and testing of these products helps position service providers to packetize their voice traffic using the VoIP gateway in the Calix or Keymile platforms and to gain the added benefit of using lower cost Ethernet connections to transport voice calls back to the central office. Both the C7 and UMUX require only a new VoIP gateway card to the existing shelf to enable the H.248 functionality.

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