Redundant power source provides single point of backup -

Redundant power source provides single point of backup

Phihong has developed a redundant power source (RPS) with up to 180 Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) ports to meet the needs of telecom applications, such as VoIP systems. The RPS accepts three 500-W supplies for powering VoIP phones, dc UPS, and lighting systems with one UPS. A typical VoIP phone draws less than 8 W. With 1500 W available, 180 PoE phones can be supported from this redundant source.

Each output in the redundant power source is individually protected against overloads causing overheating of wiring from excessive current, thus fully protecting the system against overload, over-temperature and over-voltage. It features diagnostic capabilities and LEDs next to each connector. The RPS was designed to allow easy connection of a battery plant for full dc UPS capability for VoIP phone systems or network switches.

The RPS measures 17.25 by 13.77 by 1.75 in., and weighs 2.5 lbs. OEM pricing starts at $189. A detailed specification is available at

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