Reference design fits stereo headsets with Bluetooth -

Reference design fits stereo headsets with Bluetooth


A reference design for Bluetooth stereo headphones is available that could reduce the overall bill of materials (BOM). According to the developer, CSR, it offers the lowest ever BOM for this type of product. The design exploits several features in CSR's BlueCore3-Multimedia chip (BC3-MM), including an internal codec, minimal external components, and a smaller pcb footprint.

BC3-MM is built with a high-quality internal stereo codec that achieves a signal-to-noise ratio of up to 85 dB. It'is also compatible with a wide range of external codecs. Requiring fewer than half the external components of alternative solutions, the chip reduces costs by the need for fewer components and through shorter assembly time.

The BC3-MM IC maximizes energy efficiency using an on-chip DSP, using about half the power of alternative solutions based on general-purpose RISC processors. The BC3-MM stereo headphone reference design is now available to download from the CSR support Web site at

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