Reference design for network camera -

Reference design for network camera


Embedded World — N¼rnberg, Germany – Smart Network Devices (SND) has assembled a reference design for a camera for use in network-supported securit- and video surveillance that measures 3 x 6 x 2cm with material costs of under 70euros.

The design is based on CMOS image sensor technology, and the system's main processor, a Hyperstone 32-bit RISC/DSP CPU, reads in the image data via a buffer unit. This data is compressed into the web browser compatible JPEG-format and then made available in the network via a 100Mbit/s Ethernet-interface.

The CMOS image sensor can directly deliver digital data, removing the costly conversion of an analogue video source's signal. The image sensor automatically takes care of the primary image processing (colour filter, automatic white balance, adaptive sensitivity according to light conditions, Gamma-correction, and so on.) so that the downstreamed image processors can be dropped.

The image compression into JPEG-format is carried out using the HyNetOS embedded network operating system developed by SND which provides drivers (CMOS-sensor, Ethernet) and communication protocols (TCP/IP, HTTP, FTP) as well as a file system for plugin to random networks or directly to the internet.

The reference design is based on SND's Micro WebTarget Board, the network camera reference design is available as an evaluation kit. Hardware schematics are provided to ease later manufacture. HyNetOS is available under license.

A wireless variant of the network camera module based on SND's Bluetooth-board Micro BlueTarget is planned for the second quarter of 2003. The Bluetooth-protocol-stack for HyNetOS is already available.

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