Reference design reduces barriers for A/V standards -

Reference design reduces barriers for A/V standards


A joint reference design for audio/visual bridging (AVB) applications is being demonstrated in private meetings at the AES Convention in San Francisco this week.
Developed by XMOS (Bristol, UK) and Attero Tech (Sunnyvale, Calif.) it is claimed to provide the lowest cost solution for Ethernet AVB endpoints.
The development of standards, such as AVB, needs technology that can be adapted quickly and Xmos says its XCore XS1-L2 dual-core processor allow the AVB standard to be implemented entirely in software, which shortens development times and reduces risk for A/V designs.
Attero Tech has experience in developing OEM networked AV endpoints which can help manufacturers bring products to market on a variety of AVB enabled products.

The reference design comes with a software stack which provides complete Ethernet AVB protocol support with ongoing interoperability testing in AVnu plugfests. AVB standards supported include 802.1as, 802.1Qav, 802.1Qat, IEEE P1722, IEC61883-6, IEEE 1722.MAAP.

It will be generally available from both XMOS and Attero Tech in December.

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