Release 6 of INtime RTOS brings absolute determinism to PC platforms -

Release 6 of INtime RTOS brings absolute determinism to PC platforms


Release 6 of TenAsys Corporation's INtime real-time operating system software brings absolute determinism to PC platforms as a native RTOS or combined with any Windows versions (XP and later). All INtime applications share binary compatibility, regardless of deployment configuration options, enabling cost/performance-scaling of designs and preservation of legacy code.

INtime 6 supports building highly-integrated embedded systems around a single PC platform. INtime 6 has augmented its global object communication capability with the addition of a virtual Ethernet switch that enables communication between processing nodes using standard TCP services. While the use of INtime global objects results in less communications overhead, utilizing existing multi-platform communications paths saves development time when consolidating workloads from multi-platform embedded systems onto a single PC platform. There’s no need to rewrite, or maintain duplicate copies of these services when they can be re-used without modification.

INtime 6 also incorporates a completely redesigned internal memory management structure that supports a full four GB of virtual memory per real-time process, improving process memory utilization while leveling overall performance characteristics on all x86 architectures.

With the Release 6 upgrade, INtime Distributed RTOS now comes with a basic OPC UA server. Leading all initiatives for advancing M2M communications, OPC services available to Windows hosts may now be embedded in any system using the Unified Architecture (UA) approach.

INtime Release 6 is shipping now, along with the new INtime 6 SDK package supporting both INtime for Windows and INtime Distributed RTOS deployment configurations.

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