Remote distributed programming comes to embedded ADA -

Remote distributed programming comes to embedded ADA


AdaCore has just launched remote programming add-on to its GNATProgramming Studio (GPS) 4.0 Integrated Development Environment (IDE)designed to facilitate software development in distributed server-basedenvironments.

In traditional software development scenarios, said Robert Dewar,CEO, AdaCore, operations are executed on a central server. Developerseither use an IDE displayed via an X Window system, or abandon the IDEall together and resort to using a text editor and terminal.

When using an IDE, all functions are carried out on the centralserver, which requires large network and power resources, thusincreasing infrastructure costs.

By contrast, he said, the GPS Remote Programming facility separatesthesoftware development project into a multiple client, single/multipleserver environment.

It makes all project sources available on both the desktop PC andthe server, which allows IDE-related operations to be carried out onthe local desktop computer using the local CPU, display,and memory.

“As soon as a remote action is required, such as compilation,debugging or execution, the IDE automatically connects to the remotemachine, synchronizes the files when necessary, and performs theaction,” said Dewar. “Limiting the number of operations carried out onthe remote server significantly reduces the amount of required networkand power usage.”

The advantage of the approach that Adacore has taken, he said, isthat developers and their managers have greater control of thedevelopment environment, ensuring that the code that is tested will beexactly the production code that will run.

Remote Programming is available in GNAT Programming Studio (GPS) 4.0thataccompanies the GNAT Pro development toolset. Pricing for GNAT Prosubscriptions starts at $14,000.

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