Remploy expands PCB testing service -

Remploy expands PCB testing service


LONDON — Remploy Electronics has introduced an advanced PCB testing service following investment in equipment that includes a Flying Scorpion FLS 450 in-circuit tester from Scorpion Technologies.

Remploy's facility enables PCB assemblies to be tested automatically and simultaneously on both sides for production in-circuit test and component faults. It tests active and passive components and is particularly suitable for boards featuring fine pitch and flip chip technologies.

Graham Denyer, project engineer for Remploy Electronics, said, “The ability to provide this level of testing is becoming a high priority for more and more of our customers. Companies invest a lot of money in the development and production of today's complex boards and it makes sound commercial sense to apply the same scrupulous approach to the testing process.”

For less technically demanding boards, Remploy has other testing options including automatic optical inspection (AOI) as well as Wayne Kerr and Schlumberger automatic test equipment.

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