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OK is a software interface to a video display. It is derived from Forth and takes its name from Forth's reply. OK appears on most screens as a key that returns to the previous menu. OK has the capabilities of Forth, but is simpler. It does not use disk since computers have large memories. It has no editor or compiler for it composes and displays object code. It has no interpreter but is menu-driven from 7 keys. It has no multi-tasking.
OK has been evolving for 5 years. It is a source-less programming system that displays code by decompiling. This eliminates the syntatic difficulties that source code encounters – even Forth source. It has run on the Novix 16-bit, ShBoom 32-bit and 80386 processors and is destined for my MuP21 processor.
ESC_1992_Vol2_Page239_Moore – Renaissance Development.pdf

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