Renesas and Tata partner for electronics systems targeting Indian market

Renesas and Tata target system design in India for local market

Renesas and Tata target design, development and manufacturing of Renesas’ semiconductor solutions for for Indian and emerging markets.


Renesas Electronics Corporation this week announced a strategic partnership with Tata Motors and Tejas Networks (both Tata Group companies) focused on development of semiconductor solutions within India for both the Indian market and globally across its automotive, IoT and 5G systems groups.

In March 2022, Renesas also established a next gerenation EV innovation center jointly with anothet Tata Group company, Tata Elxsi. (Image: Renesas Electronics.)

The new partnership targets the design, development and manufacturing of Renesas’ semiconductor solutions for developing new electronics systems for Indian and emerging markets. The joint endeavors will extend the companies’ already existing relationships as technology and business partners, including the recently announced next-generation EV innovation center (NEVIC) jointly established by Renesas and Tata Group’s Tata Elxsi in March 2022.

When I spoke this week with Sailesh Chittipeddi, executive vice president and general manager of the IoT and infrastructure business unit at Renesas, he emphasized that the objective of the new development center resulting from this broader Tata partnership is not just another case of a multinational chip company establishing an offshore design center in India.

Sailesh Chittipeddi

He said that this was an opportune moment for Renesas to be looking at supporting the development of more electronics systems design and electronics content within India for both Indian and global markets. He said, “I think the Indian government’s initiatives to have more electronics development occur in India will certainly start to play a bigger role. And I think it’s an opportune time for Renesas to be participating in the market at this particular juncture, because the government is incentivizing a lot of industries, not only to manufacture, but also develop system solutions there. And I think we’ve started the work on our own a while back, but we’re now with this partnership, we’re getting a leg up.” (You can read the full interview here in EE Times.).

Near term, he said he sees opportunities in IoT, but longer term it will be automotive too. The future of automotive systems design lies in a vehicle-centralized, zone-oriented electronic and electrical (E/E) architecture. Renesas and TML will collaborate on developing next-generation automotive electronics to enable performance and scalability for vehicles. Renesas, with its deep expertise in semiconductor technology hopes that the partnership will help TML accelerate the development of electric and connected vehicles to further enhance TML’s pre-eminence in the automotive market. To effectively address evolving customers’ aspirations, Renesas and TML will explore a non-exclusive partnership on emerging technologies such as ADAS.

Another aspect of the partnership will come from the Tejas connection. Renesas will collaborate with Tejas for implementing next-generation wireless network solutions. This includes design and development of semiconductor solutions for radio units (RU) used in telecom networks, from 4G, 5G, to open radio access network (O-RAN), which enables open and flexible 5G RAN deployments, in addition to allowing wider interoperability. The companies aim to roll out products and solutions initially for India and aim to expand its footprint in the global markets.

In addition, Renesas and Tata Consultancy Services Limited (TCS), a company of Tata Group, will partner by establishing a joint system solution development center in Bangalore. The planned innovation center will focus on comprehensive system solutions for the IoT, infrastructure, industrial and automotive segments by building on Renesas’ semiconductor solutions and TCS’ industry experience.

“We see great potential in collaborating with Renesas in areas like automotive electronics and present and future telecom networks. The collaboration will accelerate our presence in these areas in India as well as globally,” said Natarajan Chandrasekaran, chairman, Tata Sons.

Hidetoshi Shibata, president and CEO at Renesas, added, “This partnership brings two industry leading companies closer together, creating numerous benefits. Renesas and Tata will support the acceleration of progress in advanced electronics and its multitudes of applications for the Indian and emerging markets, which sets us both on a path for continued success.”

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