Renesas DevCon Extension 2014 features Express Logic’s RTOS and middleware for RZ MPU -

Renesas DevCon Extension 2014 features Express Logic’s RTOS and middleware for RZ MPU


Express Logic, Inc. will be featured in the upcoming Renesas DevCon Extension 2014 (DEX) , a 14-city traveling classroom tour for embedded systems developers. The DevCon Extension 2014 delivers short courses and hands-on lab sessions on the latest solutions for developing enhanced products rapidly. DEX includes multiple curriculum tracks, with each track focusing on hardware/software tools and solutions that developers can use to give their new products important market advantages. Track 2 focuses on the human-machine interface (HMI), an increasingly critical element of today’s embedded systems, and features Express Logic’s ThreadX RTOS, NetX TCP/IP Stack, and GUIX Studio GUI Development Framework.

Renesas and Express Logic address the challenge of delivering enhanced user interfaces while reducing development time using the RZ microprocessor with its ARM Cortex-A9 processor and 10MB of on-chip RAM, alongside the Express Logic ThreadX RTOS and middleware. Renesas and Express Logic have partnered to optimize system performance for high-resolution display applications, faster product development, and reduced overall design costs. DEX attendees will learn about this solution in greater detail and gain insight into the latest techniques for building graphics-intensive HMI applications.

GUIX Studio is a PC-based GUI development tool that provides a WYSIWYG means for designing embedded GUIs. GUIX Studio can generate source code for the companion GUIX runtime framework, to produce GUIs for Renesas RZ–based embedded systems. With GUIX Studio, the designer can select, drag and drop, and resize images, backgrounds, widgets, and other elements of a powerful GUI without having to write a single line of code. GUIX Studio generates the code necessary to implement the exact GUI design constructed on the PC. Developers and designers can execute a complete UI application on a PC, quickly and easily generating and demonstrating UI concepts and test screen flows in order to observe screen transitions and animations. When completed, the same code can be compiled and linked with the GUIX and ThreadX run-time target libraries as part of a project.

Track 2 of the DEX tour will be held in the following cities:

  • Montreal, PQ – April 15
  • Toronto, ON – April 17
  • Minneapolis, MN – April 24
  • Philadelphia, PA – May 8
  • Seattle, WA – May 13
  • San Jose, CA – May 15
  • Chicago, IL – June 3
  • Milwaukee, WI – June 5
  • Boston, MA – June 12
  • Orlando, FL – June 17
  • São Paulo, Brazil – July 29
  • Porto Alegre, Brazil – July 31
  • Curitiba, Brazil – August 5
  • Joinville, Brazil – August 7

Developers wanting to attend a DevCon Extension session may sign up here .

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