Renesas dual-core multimedia CPU transfers data faster with less power -

Renesas dual-core multimedia CPU transfers data faster with less power


San Jose, Ca . – RenesasTechnology America, Inc. has just made available an enhanced SH7786dual-core 32-bit processor that delivers up to 1,920 millioninstructions per second (MIPS) when operating at 533MHz.

A second-generation version fabricated with a 65-nm process forhigh-performance multimedia equipment such as car navigation systems,the processor incorporates a DDR3-SDRAM memory interface for faster,ultrahigh-speed data transfers: up to 4.27Gbytes per second (4.27GB/s).Yet the device uses less power than the previous version, which wasfabricated with a 90-nm process.

According to Paul Sykes, Marketing Manager, MPU Group, RenesasTechnology America, Inc., the SH7786 is designed to meetrequirements of next-generation car navigation systems that havefunctions such as graphical display capabilities, high-quality audioreproduction, and image recognition.

“Besides car navigation systems, we expect that this processor willbe advantageous to customers that are producing game consoles, digitalhome electronics, and industrial equipment, among other applications,”Sykes said.

The new SH7786 integrates a dedicated 32-bit bus operating at533MHz for connecting to DDR3-SDRAM (Double Data Rate 3-SynchronousDRAM) with an operating voltage of 1.5V, enabling the fast 4.27GB/stransfer rates. (Earlier 90-nm SH7786 products were compatible withDDR2-SDRAM with an operating voltage of 1.8V.)

In addition, the 65-nm processor's multiple PCI Express businterfaces support large-volume data transfers with data throughput upto 800MB/sec. This makes it possible to implement sophisticated drawingcapabilities such as smoothing out complex and real 3D graphic images.

To aid the design of advanced multimedia equipment, a version of theE10A-USB on-chip debugging emulator with multi-core support isavailable as a development environment for the SH7786.

It provides a range of flexible simultaneous debugging functions,including simultaneous execution, simultaneous break, and single-CPUbreak and re-execute. The new SH7786 is fully supported by QNX NeutrinoRTOS and the QNX Momentics development suite.

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