Renesas expands V850 portfolio -

Renesas expands V850 portfolio


Eight 32-bit V850 microcontrollers have been added to the Renesas Electronics low power V850ES/Jx3-L 32-bit MCUs that were introduced in early 2010.

They are designed for low power, portable applications with high density memory from 768 kilobyte flash/80KB RAM to 1 megabyte flash/80KB RAM to support increasing memory demand.

Four of the MCUs are equipped with a USB 2.0 interface to support communication.

The MCUs are suitable for applications such as smart meters and healthcare equipment.  The USB support enables these healthcare systems to support patient-doctor information exchange, such as the Continua Alliance standard. The 32-bit processing power can support graphic computation for different displays from segmented LCD to dot matrix and OLED.  

The products reduce the normal operating current by 50 percent compared to the company’s existing products

In conjunction with the product release, Renesas has introduced a V850ES/Jx3-L low power USB stick demonstrator. This kit utilizes a V850ES/JG3-L with 512KB flash to provide a platform that demonstrates the different standby modes. The kit supports current consumption measurement with use of an ampere meter. It also demonstrates RAM retention and real time clock operation in the lowest power mode.

A target board, the QB-V850ESJG3LUSB-TB, is also available and is designed for use with a MiniCube2 debugger, the QB-MINI2-EA. The MCU used in this target board is a V850ES/Jx3-L with 512KB flash and 40K RAM.

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