Renesas: R-Car-compatible connected car software development tools for Cloud Service -

Renesas: R-Car-compatible connected car software development tools for Cloud Service


To spur the development of cloud-linked services utilizing vehicle data, Renesas Electronics announced the availability of its Connected Car Software Development Tools. Using the new tools, developers working with the R-Car system-on-chip family can create applications, such as predictive safety infotainment applications that link dynamic data from the vehicle and the cloud in real time with algorithms developed based on big data in the cloud. This enables out-of-the-box development of innovative applications instead of the traditional approach of simply connecting the vehicle to the cloud, making cloud services available in the vehicle.

Due to the unique challenges of managing vehicle data and the need to develop applications under conditions where in-vehicle testing is difficult or impossible, it has been difficult for software developers to leverage the rich cloud services that Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides through vehicle data at the edge, such as predictive driving support applications. Renesas’ new software development toolset makes it possible to generate new services that combine, in real time, vehicle data (e.g., the driving status and the state of the drivers and cloud-based data (e.g., construction, congestion, or other road conditions) as well as weather reports and maps.

To link the cloud and the edge, Renesas has adopted AWS’ cloud services and the Greengrass for its software development tools. The software development tools have been validated by both AWS Greengrass and AWS IoT core and have been tested to run on the R-Car Starter Kit under Automotive Grade Linux environment.

Furthermore, scalability of such applications could be extended to enable coordination with additional data from driver monitoring. For example, predictive driving assistance can be realized in which the application would make calculations based on data from the vehicle, such as information on driver emergencies, driving skills, fuel, or tire pressure, plus forecasts of weather or road conditions from the cloud, and determine the optimal route or provide coaching to the driver.

The simulator supports 100 frequently-used data types defined in the Vehicle API of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), as well as other vehicle APIs. In addition, the simulator can select information on the vehicle surroundings, such as weather or road conditions, to test the application by running a vehicle travel along the road course in accordance with the settings specified by the user. The cloud-lined service applications can be developed on the AWS and deployed to the R-Car Starter Kit that supports lightweight languages including JavaScript and Python, enabling rapid development of cloud-linked application software connected to a cloud service such as AWS. This accelerates the launch of the new services utilizing vehicle data.

The evaluation version will be made available as complimentary options for the R-Car SoCs as a cost-effective solution that allows developers to familiarize themselves with the types of vehicle data and their uses. There are limitations on the data types and the level of fineness (sampling rate) of the evaluation version, but they can be processed on the R-Car Starter Kit (available separately) and connected to the cloud for testing.
The finished application software is proven to operate on R-Car H3 and R-Car M3 SoCs, which have a proven track record in a large number of vehicles on the road. The R-Car platform supports robust functional safety and security against cyberattacks and provides a safe and reliable environment for handling vehicle data and personal information.

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