Renesas: RX functional safety solution with SIL3 software certification for industrial equipment -

Renesas: RX functional safety solution with SIL3 software certification for industrial equipment


Renesas Electronics announced the new “RX Functional Safety” solution for industrial applications that reduces the complexity of IEC 61508 SIL3 certification, an international standard for functional safety. Based on the RX family of microcontrollers, the new solution provides advanced functional safety for industrial equipment, including functions for chip self-diagnostics, the world’s first SIL3-certified functional safety software and reference documents for users to develop the safety part of industrial applications. The complete functional safety support for industrial applications allows users to shorten the certification acquisition process by a year or more.

Featuring a dual-MCU configuration, the RX Functional Safety will support all Renesas MCUs based on the RXv2 core to enable simple safety verification and a highly efficient diagnostics software. With the SIL3-certified software, the solution eliminates the need for users to develop functional safety software dependant to Renesas MCUs and allows them to focus on development of software for their own application components.

When starting on a new functional safety system, developers face a large number of difficult technological problems, including the interpretation of difficult standards, acquiring methods for constructing dual-structure MCUs, and selecting third parties for support. Users experienced in configuring functional safety systems are also challenged with development burdens such as acquiring software certification and the recertification associated with the expansion of system functions.

To resolve these issues, Renesas has developed a comprehensive, software -based solution combining: RX Functional Safety – Self-Test Software Kit: Performs self-diagnostics at the individual MCU level, self-diagnostics software library, safety manual, user guide.

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