Renesas’ RX700 MCU series offers 240 MHz operation, 4 MB of flash -

Renesas’ RX700 MCU series offers 240 MHz operation, 4 MB of flash


Renesas Electronics Corporation has announced the RX71M group as the new flagship product in the RX family of 32-bit microcontrollers (MCUs). Developed for use in industrial equipment, the new series doubles the CPU operating frequency to 240 megahertz (MHz) from the 120 MHz of previous products and is available with up to 4 MB of on-chip flash memory.

The RX71M provides customers with the capacity to utilize the full capability of on-chip memory at high speed and, according to the company, reduces BOM cost by nearly 45 percent.

Key features

  • Maximum operating frequency of the RX family lineup increased to 240 MHz, for a scalable range of products that contributes to reduced product development time and cost.
  • Expanded functionality for ensuring code data confidentiality and preventing unauthorized copying from the development stage onward, which is increasingly important as the move toward IIoT brings more diverse communication interfaces and development becomes increasingly globalized.
  • Up to 45 percent reduction in BOM cost and double the performance of earlier products thanks to exclusive Renesas high-speed flash technology and large on-chip memory capacity.

Renesas provides a comprehensive development ecosystem for the RX Family, including e2studio, a powerful Eclipse-based IDE, as well as compilers, debuggers, code generation tools, and flash programmers. In addition, the RX71M device is supported by the IAR Embedded Workbench for Renesas RX compiler and integrated development environment (IDE).
Extensive software examples and drivers are provided by Renesas, including the Firmware Integration Technology (FIT) Drivers. FIT simplifies embedding peripheral function module drivers and improves the portability between RX MCUs. Software examples. FIT drivers can be downloaded from the Renesas website.

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